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Purpose Video Services

We’re a video production company that specializes in marketing videos, marketing strategies, and branded video content for businesses and non profit organizations. - buttons_PNG51.png

A Digital Footprint Analysis is a FULL Analysis of your current online and social media presence, researched from a potential customer or donor’s perspective. This allows us to customize a results focused, video content strategy, tailored to meet and exceed the marketing goals of your business or non-profit organization.

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Video Production + Marketing Strategy

We chose to be more than just another video production company. Marketing strategy drives everything we do.

Trusted by small and large brands...

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And more.....


went from almost closing their doors to raising

Non-Profit Organization

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$ 1,000,000

as a result of a fundraising video strategy created by

Purpose Video Services

Check out one our Client Video Releases

This could be you after your video release!

with the client's reaction! 


Click HERE to watch more client video reveals-with the client reactions


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A Full Service Video Production Company

We’re proud to provide our video production services to small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. With thousands of small businesses and non-profit organizations across America, we work with our video production clients to create branded content and marketing materials to convert their target audience into satisfied customers and donors.

Whether you’re looking to fill a new website with branded content, increase conversion rates of your current marketing channels, or improve the customer or donor experience for your business or non-profit organization, now is the right time to take the first step. Grow your business or non-profit organization and attract more prospective customers and donors with a full-service video production company ready to help build your brand.

Purpose Video Services specializes in Customized Video Production that supercharges your digital marketing. Whether you're looking to improve lead generation from online marketing or taking advantage of social media marketing in the digital age, we help businesses and non-profit organizations create smart, powerful, and effective video marketing strategies.

✔ Increase brand awareness in your target market
✔ Build relationships quickly with qualified leads or donors
✔ Convert website visitors into new customers or donors



Video Marketing Strategies
For Businesses & Non-Profit Organizations

Lots of video production companies offer “pretty” video production, but your company or non-profit organization deserves a full-service partner. We create video assets to work with your existing digital marketing strategies. If you don't have anything in place, we can help you build your digital marketing foundation. We use video production as a tool to help unlock the full potential of your website design, landing pages, and social media marketing efforts.

Your customers or donors need to trust and understand an organization before hiring them or donating to their cause. We focus on the big picture return on investment and reach, creating marketing videos designed to make you stand out from other businesses and non-profit organizations.

The cornerstone of any digital marketing plan, win over potential customers or donors & cement your online reputation.

Testimonial videos showcase great customer service or donor & experience to potential customers or donors better than any online reviews.


Highlight key steps of your process on video to make it easy for potential customers or donors to choose your company or non-profit organization.

Feature your main service offerings or donation requests in videos that give potential customers or donors the information they’re looking for in business or non-profit organization search results.

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"Extremely professional". 

"Damon is an artist in his craft, very creative but at the same time extremely accommodating to the needs and wants of his clients. For outstanding quality at a great price, I highly recommend Purpose Video Services, you will have an outstanding product and experience."

- Eric Strong, Los Angeles County Sheriff Candidate

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"I highly recommend Purpose Video Services!". 

"Damon did a great job and was very professional. I always feel uncomfortable doing videos, but he made it seem so easy! He really works hard to give you a finished product that you are happy with and he is proud of."

-Alysia Borgman, D.D.S. -Doctor of Dental Surgery


Why choose us?

Here’s a few key reasons you should work with us for your business or non-profit organization video production projects.

We’ve spent years bulletproofing our video production processes for our business and non-profit organization clients.

From planning to post production, get your videos back and ready to use at lightning speed.

Our video strategies are based on your business or non-profit organization's plan, and help improve existing marketing efforts.

More leads? Good. High quality leads? Great. Get more quality leads by attracting the right people.

We record your best sales or donor message and put it online to make the buying or donating decision easy for potential clients or donors.

We provide any scripting needed. We'll run easy, conversational interviews or we'll use a teleprompter so you don't have to memorize a script.

Help your team make more successful with a video library to help educate & generate new business or donors.

Your videos will make your company or non-profit organization look and feel professional to new customers or donors.


It's a Super easy process.

You’re already busy enough as it is. We’re a streamlined creative agency, so we make sure the entire video production experience is quick and easy. Even our most complex video production packages can be broken down into three key stages.


Before ever pressing record, we do a Deep Dive into your business or non-profit organization to make sure we’re creating the best video possible for your strategy.

We’re a video production company located in Greater Los Angeles, so we prefer to visit your location during pre-production if possible. If you’re not local, Zoom always gets the job done.


Unlike what you’d expect for a broadcast television production, we do our best to stay out of your way during production.

We use an award winning, small team on shoot days to make sure we get everything needed for your video production project quickly, easily, and stress-free.

Our goal is to get what we need as quickly as possible so you can stay focused on serving your customers or donors and building your business or bringing attention to your non-profit organization.


We believe video production is a collaborative process all the way through, so we schedule Reveal Sessions with clients to review their videos together with them in real time before putting them into long term use.

We consult with your marketing team (in house or outsourced) to make sure your videos are utilized properly. Our goal is to help grow your business or bring attention to your non-profit organization, and that usually means getting eyes on your videos from as many people as possible- whether it’s from organic search results, social media posts, or paid advertising.

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Video Production Services

Rather than offer every possible type of video production, we focus on the video production services that have the most impact


Brand Story Videos

Become a business or non-profit organization leader and take control of your online presence by sharing your story.

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Customer Testimonials

Social proof is essential for businesses and non-profit organizations. Showcase your very best customers & case studies.

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Custom Video Strategies

Supercharge your digital marketing with videos at key conversion points in your marketing or donor funnels.


"Easy to work with". 

"Damon has a knack for understanding your vision and enhancing it for a polished, creative innovative project that captures your goal, purpose, and vision. Damon believes in building relationships and is loyal."

- T.J. Robinson, Founder & Executive Director, Natural -We Community-501(c)(3)


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