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Custom Video Strategies

Increase conversions at each step of your marketing funnel and sales or donor systems with engaging video assets designed to attract ideal customers or donors, build trust, and educate on your process.

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Each step in your customer journey has the potential for falloff. Our custom video strategies are designed to identify the key conversion points in your marketing funnel and sales or donor system and create engaging video assets to keep prospects or donors hooked on you.


Videos to increase conversions.


Educate prospects or donors automatically.


With the right video assets in place, your prospects or donors will automatically learn everything they need to know to make an educated decision about working with you by the time you get on a call or in an appointment with them.

What is a Custom Video Strategy?

A Custom Video Strategy is our program for supercharging your existing marketing funnel and sales or donor system with engaging video assets created to use at the key conversion points for your prospects or donors. These strategies typically include a combination of video assets, including a Brand Story Video, Customer Testimonial Videos, along with Process Videos, Service Videos, and “Checkpoint” Videos to keep your prospects or donors engaged, educated, and comfortable all the way through working with you. We look at what you and your team are already doing, and consult on the most efficient ways to enhance your customer or donor journey using videos created specifically for your processes.

Do I need this?

If your business or non-profit has no established marketing funnel or sales or donor system in place, you probably don’t need a Custom Video Strategy. You might benefit more from a single specific video asset like a Brand Story Video, or Customer Testimonial Videos. If you have an established process for turning leads, referrals, or cold traffic into customers or donors, you’d probably benefit from a Custom Video Strategy. If you’re on the fence, let’s have a conversation about it. If we feel you don’t need it, we’ll tell it to you straight.

How can I use it?

Our Custom Video Strategies are built specifically for your marketing funnel and sales or donor system, based on what you’re already doing. Using your video assets should feel effortless. Some common uses include: “Next Steps” videos automatically sent to prospects or donors when registering for calls / appointments “Introduction” videos sent to customers or donors before a team member arrives for an appointment “Process” videos shown to prospects or donors on registration pages to educate them on what to expect before committing to a call or appointment We work with you and your team to identify opportunities where videos can make the strongest positive impact in your customer or donor journey.

Emotion plays a huge role in purchase or donation decisions. We highlight real customer or donor stories to use in your sales or donation process.

Customer or donor stories are one of the most effective sales & marketing or donation assets. We capture them once to share at scale.

Capture and share the positive impact you’ve made in the lives of your best customers or donors, from their perspectives.

Draw in the right people and repel the wrong ones. Use video to quickly build connections with your ideal customers or donors.


Customer Testimonial Videos

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"Extremely professional". 

"Damon is an artist in his craft, very creative but at the same time extremely accommodating to the needs and wants of his clients. For outstanding quality at a great price, I highly recommend Purpose Video Services, you will have an outstanding product and experience."

- Eric Strong, Los Angeles County Sheriff Candidate

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"I highly recommend Purpose Video Services!". 

"Damon did a great job and was very professional. I always feel uncomfortable doing videos, but he made it seem so easy! He really works hard to give you a finished product that you are happy with and he is proud of."

-Alysia Borgman, D.D.S. -Doctor of Dental Surgery


Custom Video Strategy

Custom Video Strategies are a powerful way to increase conversions throughout your marketing funnel and sales or donor system to land projects or donation campaigns with better qualified customers or donors. There are some important things to consider before investing in a Custom Video Strategy.

You might be a good fit if:
You might not be a good fit if:
  • You’re a brand new company or non-profit or one-person operation

  • Your current jobs are for a wide variety of unrelated services

  • You don’t have a consistent marketing strategy or branding

  • You want to scale existing marketing + sales or donor systems

  • You have clearly defined services, programs, or offers

  • You have an internal marketing team or coordinator


Boost your conversion rate up to 80%

Research has shown that including video on a website or landing page can improve conversion rates by up to 80%, as videos can capture the attention of viewers and convey information in a more engaging and memorable way than text alone.


Custom Video Strategy

Our custom-tailored video packages offer a powerful and efficient way to create engaging brand story videos that can help you stand out more easily.

📍 100% on-location

We pride ourselves on shooting our customer or donor testimonial videos on-location, giving an authentic look at your real customer success stories.

🔍 Strategy Focused

Our approach is strategy-focused, ensuring that each video we create has a purpose in our clients’ existing marketing funnels and sales systems.

🎨 On-Brand Design

Our team ensures that every customer or donor video we create aligns with our clients' brand identity guidelines, values, and messaging.

✅ Scalable Projects

We’re ready to scale projects according to the goal at hand, big or small. Our goal is always to maximize your impact as efficiently as possible.

📈 Scalable packages that suit your needs.

  • Multiple sizes (web & social media)

  • Half-day of on-location shooting

  • Pro-level Lighting & Audio

  • On-camera coaching support

  • Music & Graphics fully licensed

  • Marketing strategy sessions

Trusted by small and large brands...

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And more.....


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more specific questions pertaining to your company or non-profit organization's video production needs?

Schedule a Discovery Call.

Can you make a video to promote my company?

What if I don't know which type of video I need?

Before ever starting a video project, we make sure we understand how your business or non-profit organization operates so we can recommend the videos that will make the most impact for you. All of the top video production companies will create what you want, but we like to stand out by thinking like a digital marketing company- we create what you need.

How much does video production cost?

How long does a video project take?

Before ever starting a video project, we make sure we understand how your business or non-profit organization operates so we can recommend the videos that will make the most impact for you. All of the top video production companies will create what you want, but we like to stand out by thinking like a digital marketing company- we create what you need.

Can you develop our strategy?

What cities do you film in?

Besides our Los Angeles video productions, we film our video projects anywhere in the southern and northern California areas. We also love serving clients nationwide, so we offer travel packages for projects outside of the local market. We also have a network of strategic partners to offer video production in cities across the US.

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